Weather Emergency Policy



Snow Emergency Level:  (As determined by the Seneca County Sheriff)

Level I  

YMCA Child Care will operate as usual.  If schools are closed, the full day Child Care sites will be open.
YMCA will operate as usual

Level II

YMCA Child Care programs may have a two hour delay in opening.  
YMCA will be open for normal operating hours.
YMCA programs will be cancelled.  If Level II is called overnight or in the morning, YMCA programs will be cancelled until 4:00 pm.  If Level II is lifted during that day a decision will be made at 2:00 pm as to whether evening programs will run as scheduled or be cancelled as well.

Level III

The YMCA Child Care programs will be closed.  If a Level III is called during the middle of the day, the center will close early.  Every reasonable attempt to contact parents to come pick-up their children from the site will be made.  If parents cannot be reached, other emergency contacts will be called. If a Level III is downgraded to a Level II in the middle of the day, YMCA Child Care will open the next morning.
YMCA Branches will close.