Capital Campaign

Building Repair

Approx Cost: $131,000

We have major building repair and renovations that must take place to our main facility.  Expansion joints need to be ground out and re-filled. A water repellant is going to be put on the entire building.  The limestone panels on the Center St. side of the YMCA have experienced some corrosion and needed immediate attention in 2007. More work still needs done on them.



Repair Pool Piping

Approx Cost: $7,050

We have piping and fitting that have outlasted their life expectancies.  There are 3 fittings for the main pool tanks that have cracked and need to be replaced.




Building Surveillance

Approx Cost: $60,000

In an effort to maintain our facility and offer safety and security for our participants, we would plan on installing a surveillance system.




Replace Pool Drop Down Door Between Pools

Approx Cost: $9,000

The fire door between the big pool and small pool is not functional due to the elements in the pools.



Re-tile Steam Rooms and Replace Windows

Approx Cost: $18,000

Both adult locker rooms need to be re-tiled and a new window installed.




Remove Ceiling Tile in Pool Hallway and Replace

Approx Cost: $2,950

We are planning on replacing the ceiling tile and lighting in the pool hallway.  The ceiling tile is water stained and the lighting is inefficient.



Update Adult Locker Rooms

Approx Cost: $7,000

The adult lockers need repainted and a newer vanity will be installed in the woman’s locker room and a new counter top will be installed in the changing area.



Continue Paint Theme – Small Gym

Approx Cost: $8,000

We painted the main gym during the shutdown in 2007. We plan on continuing that same paint theme in the small gym.



Acquire Additional Parking

Approx Cost: $100,000

The YMCA currently owns property Northeast of the current parking lot.  The first phase of parking expansion will be to take down the old doctors office and expand parking in that area.



Camp Improvements (Team Building Equip)

Approx Cost: $85,000

We plan on installing team building activities at the Fruth Outdoor Center.  The plan includes and Alpine Tower and several low ropes courses.




Flag Pole (FOC and YMCA)

Approx Cost: $4,000

We plan on trimming the trees on Center St. and removing the middle one.  A flag pole with lighting will be installed.

A flag pole will be installed at the Fruth Outdoor Center.




Move/Update Capital Gifts Recognition Board

Approx Cost: $9,000

Our current recognition board is not located centrally in our building.  We plan on removing the current trophy case and updating our recogniton board with a new modern recognition board. It will be on of the first things that people will see when they enter the building from the parking lot.



Build Endowment for Fruth Outdoor Center

Approx Cost: $100,000

Supplement Endowment

Approx Cost: $100,000




Approx Cost: $641,000


Feel free to download a copy of our brochure regarding our 2008 Capital Campaign:

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