Annual Campaign

As we continue to be leaders and serve our community, we still need your help.   As we continue to provide services  in this sluggish economy, our financial assistance demands continue to rise.  This is where you can help out your  friend or neighbor without even knowing it.  With your donation, we are able to offer our services and programs to  those who cannot afford to participate at this time.  Last year we offered assistance to over 585 individuals.

Our YMCA has been very fortunate to have its members and friends give to our needs.  At this time we ask that you  please continue to do so.  Remember, we are a 501 (c) 3 and all donations are tax deductible and will receive  documentation supporting your donation.  All the money received stays right here at your YMCA.

Give to the YMCA today!




We have major building repair and renovations that must take place to our main facility. Expansion joints need to be ground out and re-filled. A water repellant is going to be put on the entire building. The limestone panels on the Center St. side of the YMCA have experienced some corrosion and needed immediate attention in 2007. More work still needs done on them. We have piping and fittings that have outlasted their life expectancy. There are 3 fittings for the main pool tanks that have cracked and need to be replaced.

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